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Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Lobanova-Rostovskaya. 1754

Argunov Ivan,
Oil on canvas
81,5 x 62,5

State Russian Museum


Princess Ekaterina Lobanova-Rostovskaya is depicted in a red mantel trimmed with ermine. She was described by a contemporary as ā€œnot knowing pride, affectionate, polite, kind to one and all, charitable, received an excellent education and had a merry disposition, which did not change even in venerable old age.ā€ Princess Ekaterina Alexandrovna Lobanova-Rostovskaya (1735ā€“1802): Daughter of Prince Alexander Kurakin.

Author's Biography

Argunov Ivan

Argunov, Ivan Petrovich
1771, St Petersburg - After 1829
Painter, portraitist. Studied art under his father Ivan Argunov, a Sheremetyev serf artist. Copied the paintings of West European artists in the Imperial Hermitage. Freed from serfdom (1816). Made an academician (1818) for his portrait of Pavel Runich (1817). Painted miniature portraits.

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